This is Chris Brandon
Hello, my name is Chris Brandon and I would like to invite You to listen to my songs. The idea is, to create a unique style of singing in combination with a soulful sound. Since I was a child I spent many nights, secretly listening to the radio and soon I became addicted to Pop music, including R&B, Rock' n Roll and even Country. Combining these styles in a new way has always been a dream of mine. I formed my first band when I attended a school for blind children. Later I was lucky enough to get a chance to record songs like "Come Together" or "Smile, Smile" for BMG. Another great honor for me was an invitation to Memphis/Tennessee, where I had the pleasure to perform at the Blues-Club of B. B. King. Later I was told that I was the first White and also the first German Performer, who was given this opportunity. I was also extremely happy about the chance, to record in the famous Sun-Studios, where legends like Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash once help to create Pop music. I'm hosting the radio show Big Spirit for the German radio station bigFM. And I am the host of a TV-Talk show in Germany, which might be pretty unusual for someone who is blind, but I have always liked adventures. I am thankful for anybody, trying to help me along with my music. If You just dropped by to listen, that's fine too.

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